Another New Design Studio is situated at Factopia, a made-up utopia that houses an array of studios operating to drive creative industries. Factopia is very easy to find, 0 meters from MRT Bang Krasor station.


Another New Design Studio
House A, Factopia
231 Rattanathibet Rd,
Bang Krasor, Amphoe Mueang,
Nonthaburi 11000

+66 86 546 5461



Internship opportunity

& Studio is never short of inspiring individuals of great expertise and passion. This is vital to us. Needless to say, why we do this everyday!  

If you believe in interdisciplinary thinking, if you are have a broad T-shaped knowledge and you design by linking up different perspectives from different specialities, if you have a depth of knowledge that you would like to contribute to the team while keenly learning from others, an internship at Another New Design Studio could be a rewarding period to develop your career. We provide 3-month internship which we expect you to work as a part of our core team.

Apply with 1) a letter of intention and 2) your portfolio of selected works to We will reply within 1 week.